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Couple at dusk on False Creek Habitat Island in Vancouver

Greenest City Action Plan

Clarification of our position on natural gas

We are not banning the use of natural gas, despite claims to the contrary in a misinformed opinion piece in The Province newspaper. Learn more.

The Greenest City Action Plan is a strategy for staying on the leading edge of urban sustainability.

We are working with Council, residents, businesses, other organizations, and all levels of government to implement this plan.

Our vision

Our vision is to create opportunities today, while building:

  • A strong local economy
  • Vibrant and inclusive neighbourhoods
  • Internationally recognized city that meets the needs of generations to come

Through a set of measurable and attainable targets, we are putting Vancouver on the path to becoming the greenest city in the world.

Strategy in-depth

Goals and targets

See how far we've come to reaching our targets in the 10 goal areas of the Greenest City Action Plan.

Plan development

Find out how we developed the Greenest City Action Plan. View related documents, background information, and future plans.

Find a Greenest City project

Find community-led Greenest City projects in Vancouver on a map, and suggest other green projects to add to the map.


Greenest City Action Plan - Part Two: 2015-2020 (14.42 MB)

A 90 page action plan detailing our road map to becoming the greenest city in the world by 2020.

Greenest City Action Plan update (1.99 MB)

A 2016-2017 implementation update of the Greenest City 2020 Action Plan progress.

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