The front of a multiplex housing complex

Finding rental housing

We have created resources to support Vancouver renters in finding safe, suitable housing.

Non-market social, affordable, subsidized, and co-op housing

Housing projects on City-owned land

The projects below are located on City-owned land and are either under construction or recently completed. 

We do not maintain a tenant waitlist and are not involved in the selection of tenants for these buildings.

To apply for housing, contact the housing operator listed for the project to learn about the building. If the contact details are not listed, the information will be provided closer to the completion of the project.

Defining project affordability

  • Housing Income Limits (HILs): set out by BC Housing and represent the maximum gross household income for affordable housing eligibility. HILs are intended to reflect the minimum income required to afford appropriate accommodation in the private market. Review 2023 Housing Income Limits
  • Lower-end-of-market (LEM): set at a discount to appraised market rents for each project by neighbourhood.

Properties with health or safety issues

Check the rental property standards database of buildings with maintenance, health, or safety issues.


Other ways to search for market rental housing

  • Online and newspaper classified ads
  • Property management company listings
  • Community notice boards
  • Building signs
  • Word of mouth in your community and social circle

If you are experiencing or at risk of homelessness

Contact our Homelessness Services Outreach Team: