Resilient Vancouver

Resilient Vancouver is a citywide strategy that takes a comprehensive approach to addressing shocks, such as earthquakes, and stresses, such as aging infrastructure.

The strategy builds our capacity to anticipate, manage, and recover from our city’s biggest risks, and aligns work to help us survive, adapt, and thrive in the face of our greatest challenges.

Resilient Vancouver is the result of a two-year process involving more than 2,500 stakeholders.

Resilient Vancouver Strategy (10.23 MB)

In addition to new initiatives, the strategy identifies support needed to advance work that is already underway.

Planning Vancouver Together to 2050 and beyond

We’ve launched the process to develop the Vancouver (City-wide) Plan that will guide our city to 2050 and beyond.

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Key areas of focus

Guiding principles

Through input from stakeholders, we developed a set of guiding principles that provide a framework for the Resilient Vancouver strategy.

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