Buildings in downtown Vancouver

Resilient buildings

Vancouver is at daily and continual risk of a major life-changing earthquake.

We are leveraging our partnership with 100 Resilient Cities (100RC), and a collaboration with Natural Resources Canada and the University of British Columbia, to advance seismic risk reduction for Vancouver’s buildings. We're searching for options to enhance the safety of buildings and the people and services they support, in the event of an earthquake. 

Considering the risks

We are working with a Seismic Policy Advisory Committee and 100RC to better understand how a large earthquake might impact Vancouver’s 90,000+ buildings and evaluating potential options to reduce the damage.

The Seismic Policy Advisory Committee is composed of technical experts from the public, private, and government sector to advise on and support the development of an integrated risk assessment and a set of seismic risk reduction policy options to present to the public and Vancouver City Council in 2019. 

The committee will ensure that all potential solutions consider growth and densification, housing affordability, social inequity, and climate change.

Work to date

Sharing our stories (4.34 MB)

We heard stories of personal resilience from residents to learn how to build a more resilient community.

Phase one engagement report (2.04 MB)

We engaged with people and stakeholders to better understand what resilience meant to them.


Resilient Neighbourhoods Program

We are empowering residents and businesses to respond to unique challenges faced by their communities.

Understanding earthquakes

Some of the world's largest earthquakes have occurred here in BC. It's home to thousands of small earthquakes every year.