Food and sustainable food systems

Creating a system for producing, processing, distributing, and consuming food that is environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable is a City priority.

In fact, one of the main goals of the Greenest City initiative is to become a global leader in urban food systems by 2020. 

To achieve this goal, we have started a number of major food initiatives. Council is working to:

  • Establish partnerships with private businesses, non-profit groups, and volunteers
  • Develop innovative new policies and regulations to create a sustainable food system
  • Increase public awareness of the link between local food and a healthy environment
  • Invest in urban food projects through grants and funding
  • Increase city and neighbourhood food assets by 50%

You can help, too. Learn how to create a healthy, sustainable food system that benefits people, the local economy, environment, and development of our city.

Building a healthy, equitable, and sustainable food system

Vancouver Food Strategy

The Vancouver Food Strategy is a plan to improve our food system, making the city more equitable, sustainable, and economically healthy. Learn more, and get involved.

Eating locally and well

Growing food

Vancouver supports and promotes growing local food, through community gardens and other urban agriculture initiatives, promoting sustainability, and building stronger communities.

Buying and sharing local food

You can reduce your carbon footprint and enjoy fresher foods when you shop local. Find farms, stores, markets, and restaurants that are committed to foods produced close to home.

Getting involved with local food issues

Find out how you can get involved in improving your community's food system, and help shape the City of Vancouver's food policies.

Finding places to grow, buy, and learn about food

Vancouver Coastal Health has led the development of this food asset map to highlight places where people can grow, prepare, share, buy, receive, or learn about food.

Keeping your food and drinking water safe

Food and your health

Find out how the City of Vancouver and other organizations work together to ensure the food we eat and Vancouver's drinking water supply are safe.

Managing food waste

Food scraps

Get tips for recycling your food scraps and avoiding odours and pests.

Prevent food waste

Tips to prevent food waste at your food-related business and donate food to organizations.

Recycle food scraps at your building or business on-site

Learn how to recycle food scraps at your multi-unit residential building or business.

What feeds us: Vancouver Food Strategy

Read the Vancouver Food Strategy, and learn how Vancouver is building a healthy, accessible, sustainable food system.

Download the pamphlet

Download the strategy

News from the Vancouver Food Policy Council


The Vancouver Food Policy Council is a citizen committee working to help improve food sustainability in the city.

Visit their blog to learn about their latest work.

Read the blog 

National Food Policy

In September 2017, we submitted a response to the National Food Policy consultations.

Read our submission  (500 KB)

Read the Federal Government's response  (115 KB)