Photo of a food garden

Growing food

You may grow food in your own personal garden, community gardens, urban farms, and in some cases on boulevards.

Council encourages growing food in the city, because it helps:

  • Encourage increased social interaction
  • Enhance the city's food security and reduce our ecological footprint by encouraging more locally grown foods
  • Support and encourage environmentally and socially sustainable activities

Community gardens and orchards

Find community garden locations, resources, and information on how to create new gardens.

Urban farming: growing food to sell

Know the regulations for growing food to sell, whether you run a for-profit, non-profit, or social enterprise.

Urban Agriculture Policy for parks

The Vancouver Park Board's Urban Agriculture Policy applies to food-focused projects like community gardens in Vancouver parks.

Backyard chickens

Read the rules for keeping hens in your backyard, and learn how to care for and register your hens.


Learn about urban honey bees including regulations for keeping your own honey bees, and steps to take if you find a honey bee swarm.

Soil for new community gardens

Find out if your new community garden qualifies for funding for soil or compost, and who to contact to apply for a compost donation.

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