Learn the rules for backyard chickens, and register your chickens with the City


As part of our efforts to help you get involved in your own food production, you can now keep chickens in your backyard.

Rules for keeping backyard hens

To keep your backyard chicken coop from being a nuisance for your neighbours:

  • A maximum of 4 hens (no roosters), 4 months or older, per lot is allowed
  • Ducks, turkeys, or other fowl or livestock (such as goats) are not allowed
  • Eggs, meat, and manure cannot be used for commercial purposes
  • Backyard slaughtering is not allowed

Steps to keeping backyard hens

There are three steps to follow if you want to keep chickens in your backyard.

Step 1: Review the City by-laws

Our by-laws explain all of the rules and requirements for keeping backyard hens, including the size and location of your coop, and other important details.

These by-laws both protect the health of people living in the area, and ensure the hens are treated humanely:

Step 2: Learn how to care for hens

Next, you should read the following basic hen care documents before getting your hens:

Step 3: Register your hens with the City

After you review the basic care documents and zoning regulations - and you build your coop - you can go ahead and purchase your hens.

Once the hens are purchased, you need to register your hens with the City. Registration is free, and you can do it online.

Register your hens online

Raising other animals or livestock

Raising other animals for meat, fibre, milk, eggs, or other products (animal husbandry) is not currently permitted in the City of Vancouver.

Asking questions or reporting concerns

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Contact the Food Policy team

For questions on supporting the local food system, contact the Food Policy team at foodpolicy@vancouver.ca.