DCL city-wide update
Development Cost Levies

Development Cost Levies

Most new development in the City of Vancouver pays Development Cost Levies (DCLs). A DCL is paid by property developers based on square footage. 

DCLs are an important source of revenue for City facilities such as:

  • Parks
  • Childcare facilities 
  • Social and non-profit housing
  • Engineering infrastructure

News and updates

2022 DCL update

On June 22, 2022, Council approved amendments to the DCL by-laws, including updated DCL rates, amendments to the for-profit affordable rental housing waiver, and other policies that came into effect September 30, 2022. The amendments made to the DCL by-laws can be found in the Council report below.

Learn more about the DCL update.

Removal of Utilities DCL waiver

The Utilities DCL waiver for secured market rental housing was removed September 30, 2020, and in-stream rate protection expired on September 29, 2021. All secured market rental housing projects are now subject to the Utilities DCL. Visit the Rental Incentive Programs Bulletin (373 KB) for more details.

DCL districts

The City of Vancouver has four DCL areas. These areas are divided into two district types:

  • The Vancouver DCL and the Utilities DCL districts. These districts are city-wide with some exceptions
  • Layered DCL districts. Developments in these districts are subject to the Vancouver DCL, Utilities DCL and the layered DCL

DCLs collected within each district must be spent within the area boundary, except housing related DCLs which can be spent anywhere in the city.R View map of DCL districts

DCL bylaws

DCL bylaws establish district boundaries and rates. Find information related to districts in the DCL bylaws.

DCL rates

Find information on DCL rates, payments, exemptions and waivers in the DCL bulletin.

For more information on the TransLink Development Cost Charge that came into effect on January 15, 2020, visit the TransLink website and our FAQ document (186 KB).

Annual reports and related documents

Get background information on DCLs. Select 'show more' to get details and documents. 

If you would like historical reports, email Finance.Growth@vancouver.ca

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Understand and compare

DCLs vs CACs vs Density Bonusing

View a comparison chart of Development Cost Levies, Community Amenity Contributions, and Density Bonusing.

Community Benefits from Development

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