Density bonus zoning

Sunset Community Centre

Density bonusing is used as a zoning tool that permits developers to build more floor space than normally allowed, in exchange for amenities and affordable housing needed by the community.

Amenities can be community centres, libraries, parks, childcare centres, affordable housing and more.

Density bonus zones allow for:

  • Outright density (or base density) with no density bonus contribution
  • Extra density, up to a limit set in a zone, with a contribution towards amenities and affordable housing

Financial contributions are determined by the density bonus contribution rate set out in the zone.

Density bonus zoning areas

View a larger map of the density bonus zoning areas (439KB)

Density bonus zoning rates

Find information on density bonus zones and rates in the density bonus zoning bulletin.

Density bonus zoning inflationary rate adjustments

The annual reports detail annual inflationary adjustments to all density bonus zoning rates. The adjustments are based on property and construction inflation with the purpose to maintain the City’s ability to provide necessary growth-related amenities.

2020 Annual Inflationary Rate Adjustments to Density Bonus Contributions (423 KB)

2019 Annual Rate Adjustments to Density Bonus Contributions (430 KB)

2018 Annual Inflationary Adjustments to Density Bonus Contributions (106 KB)

2017 Inflationary Adjustment to Density Bonus Contributions (260 KB)

2016 DCL Inflationary Rate Adjustments to Development Cost Levies (DCLs),
Density Bonus Contributions and Community Amenity Contribution (CAC) Targets (747 KB)