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Density bonusing

Density bonusing, sometimes referred to as bonusing or floor area relaxations, is used as a zoning tool that permits developers to build additional floor area, in exchange for amenities and affordable housing needed by the community.

Amenities can be community centres, libraries, parks, childcare centres, affordable housing, and more.

Density bonusing allows for:

  • Base density with no density bonus
  • Additional density in exchange for providing amenities and affordable housing

News and updates

2021 annual inflationary adjustment

On July 6, 2021, Council approved the rate adjustments to Density Bonus contributions based on the annual inflationary index that came into effect on September 30, 2021. See Table 2 in the Density Bonus Zoning Bulletin (2 MB) for more information.

Density bonus zoning contributions (cash in-lieu)

Certain zones allow for extra density, up to a specified maximum floor space ratio, in exchange for cash contributions towards amenities and affordable housing. Financial contributions are determined by the density bonus contribution rate set out under the schedule of the zoning bylaw.

View a larger map of the density bonus zoning areas (439KB)

Find information on density bonus zones and rates in the ​​​​​​​Density bonus zoning bulletin (1.93 MB)

Density Relaxations for Amenities (in-kind)

A number of zoning district schedules allow for relaxations of buildable market floor area (FSR) in exchange for amenities provided by applicants as on-site public benefits. This is sometimes referred to as inclusionary zoning.

Each district schedule differs in the types of amenities that are to be provided, as well as the amount of relaxation in FSR. Below are web links to all district schedules that offer density relaxations for amenities (in-kind). 

The list of district schedules above exclude density bonusing for heritage conservation as well as developments that exclusively feature non-market uses or amenities. Find any zones that include density bonusing in relation to heritage conservation

Understand and compare

DCLs vs CACs vs Density Bonusing

View a comparison chart of Development Cost Levies, Community Amenity Contributions, and Density Bonusing.

Community benefits from development

Learn about the community benefits that come with new development in our neighbourhoods.

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