Community Amenity Contributions

Children painting at Hillcrest Community Centre opening

Community Amenity Contributions (CACs) are in-kind or cash contributions provided by property developers when City Council grants development rights through rezoning.

The demand on City facilities increases with rezonings, because of new residents and employees in the area. To lessen the impact on the community CACs address this increased demand by adding and expanding City facilities.

CACs help the City build and expand facilities like:

  • Affordable housing
  • Parks and open spaces
  • Childcare facilities
  • Community facilities (example: community centres and libraries)
  • Transportation and public realm
  • Arts and culture spaces

CAC policy areas and map 

There are two types of CAC policy areas in Vancouver:

  1. Specific CAC policy areas apply to locations with their own CAC and/or public benefit policies. For all rezonings in the area-specific CAC policies, the CAC is determined through a CAC target and/or negotiated approach.
  2. For all rezonings not determined through a CAC target, the CAC is determined through a negotiated approach. 

Map of CAC policy areas

CAC policy, target rates, and implementation procedures

For more on CAC policies including a list of CAC target rates, read Community Amenity Contributions Policy for Rezonings (1.6 MB)

For more on how the we administer and implement the CAC Policy, read CAC Implementation Procedures (202 KB)

For more on the negotiated approach, read our brochure Rezonings and CACs - negotiating for a more liveable city (883 KB).

Annual reports and related documents

Annual reports on Community Amenity Contributions and density bonusing

To learn more about cash and in-kind amenities secured through new development, see the annual reports on amenities secured through community amenity contributions and density bonusing.

CAC Policy and Housing Affordability: Review for the City of Vancouver

In 2019, a consultant report by Coriolis Consulting was commissioned to explore the potential impact of community amenity contributions on housing affordability.

CAC target inflationary rate adjustments

The annual reports detail annual inflationary adjustments to all CAC rates. The adjustments are based on property and construction inflation with the purpose to maintain our ability to provide necessary growth-related amenities.

If you would like historical reports, email

CAC policy update

On January 22, 2020, the CAC policy update was approved and made effective by City Council.

Read the details

Compare Development Cost Levies and Community Amenity Contributions

DCLs vs CACs vs Density Bonusing

View a comparison chart of Development Cost Levies, Community Amenity Contributions, and Density Bonusing.

Community Benefits from Development

Get the broader context of our approach to development contributions, and understand what community benefits come with new development in our neighbourhoods.

Download the guide (7 MB)