City-wide DCL update
DCL update

City-wide Development Cost Levy update

The City-wide DCL is one of the City’s primary financing growth tools, and an important revenue source in the City’s capital planning framework.


Recently, we have simplified our DCL system by replacing several older Area Specific DCL Districts and other exempt areas with the City-wide DCL District. As a result the size of the City-wide DCL District has increased.

In July 2015, Council directed staff to update the City-wide DCL bylaw. The last major review of the City-wide DCL was in 2003.

The City-wide DCL review and update will be done in two phases, which will include:

  • Updating population and job growth projections
  • Identifying capital costs for growth-related amenities
  • Determining DCL allocations and rates

This work is anticipated to be complete by July 2017.

New development within the City-wide DCL boundary pays a DCL on a square foot basis. DCLs help pay for growth-related capital projects for the following amenities and services:

  • Parks
  • Engineering infrastructure
  • Replacement housing
  • Childcare facilities

City-wide DCL update project

As part of the City-wide Development Cost Levy review and update, we have retained Hemson Consulting to conduct a two phase study.

Phase 1: May - September 2016

  • A review of industry best practices and methodologies
  • Stakeholder input
  • Phase 1 report

As a phase 1 deliverable, Hemson Consulting completed a DCL Best Practices Guide in November 2016. The guide reviewed best practices from five select cities in North America and provided recommendations.

Phase 2: September 2016 - July 2017

  • Growth-related capital forecasts
  • Preliminary full-cost recovery DCL calculation
  • Finalize DCL rates and present Phase 2 results
  • Stakeholder input
  • DCL background study and draft bylaw
As phase 2 deliverables, Hemson Consulting completed a comprehensive City-wide DCL Background Study and Coriolis Consulting completed an impact assessment of increased City-wide DCL rates.

What's happening

Council approves the Vancouver City-wide Development Cost Levy update

The Vancouver City-wide Development Cost Levy Update is now complete. Council has approved all recommendations. New rates and new rate categories will come into effect on September 30, 2017.

Read the Council report (3.12 MB)

Report to Council

Staff will report back to Council with recommendations for an updated City-wide DCL bylaw on July 26, 2017.

Stakeholder meeting presentations

In June 2017, stakeholders met to review updates on the City-wide DCL update project.

Current City-wide DCL allocation


Vancouver's growth over time 

Over the next 25 years, Vancouver's population and jobs are expected to grow by 132,000 and 81,000, respectively.

A growing city creates demand for additional housing, transit, amenities, and green space. The City undertakes careful, long-term planning for the costs associated with this growth. 

Did you know?

The City-wide DCL accounts for 98% of the City’s land area.

In 2015, $94.7 million was collected across all DCL districts, primarily from the City-wide DCL.

Between 2006 and 2015, DCL waivers accounted for:

  • An average 8% of total revenue
  • Facilitated the creation of 2,549 units of social housing
  • Facilitated the creation of 1,875 units of secured rental housing

Examples of DCL funded projects include social housing and childcare at the Woodwards development, Emery Barnes Park and the Comox Greenway.


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