View of modular home at 220 Terminal Ave

Temporary modular housing

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Little Mountain 137 E 37th Ave

Union St and Gore Ave

7430 and 7460 Heather St

2132 Ash St

4480 Kaslo St

1131 Franklin St and 525 Powell St

610 and 620 Cambie St

5077 and 5095 Heather St

215 West 1st Ave

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Providing the right supply of housing, with the right supports for the city's lower income and homeless residents, continues to be a top priority.

By using temporary modular housing, lower-income and homeless residents are placed directly into housing with supportive services until they can transition to longer-term housing solutions.

The Government of British Columbia announced a funding commitment of $66 million towards 600 units of temporary modular housing.

The new housing will be built on underused or vacant sites across Vancouver to address the immediate needs of housing for homeless residents.

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Housing sites

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Address Status Single units
898 Main St Approved  52
265 West 1st Ave
(formerly 215 West 1st Ave)
Approved 52
5077 and 5095 Heather
(formerly 4949 Heather St)
Construction 98
610 and 620 Cambie
(formerly 688 Cambie St)
Construction 98
Little Mountain 137 E 37th Ave Construction 46
2132 Ash St
(formerly 595 and 599 W 2nd Ave)
Tenanted 52
4480 Kaslo St Tenanted 52
525 Powell St Tenanted 39
1131 Franklin St Tenanted 39
7430 and 7460 Heather St Tenanted 78
Total as of October 9, 2018   606

Benefits of temporary modular housing

Temporary modular housing is a home built inside a factory. The finished units are covered and transported to new locations, where they are assembled into a building by professional builders. It is not a mobile home. The housing:

  • Provides a home for lower-income and homeless residents in approximately six months
  • Helps street homelessness by providing a home with the right supports until permanent, affordable housing is available
  • Designs are built to the City's building codes
  • Creates a sense of community
  • Reduced waste during manufacturing and installation
  • Delays are less likely to happen during construction in a controlled environment 
  • Provides an opportunity for temporary housing for up to three to five years
  • Can relocate and reconfigure to fit different sites or future sites

Apply to be a tenant

BC Housing, the owner securing non-profit housing operators to manage the buildings, oversees the tenanting process for the sites.

Contact the Orange Hall at 604-648-4270, or stop by in person at 297 East Hastings St, Vancouver.

Learn more about BC Housing's tenanting process External website


Time-lapse construction video

Watch how the Marpole temporary modular housing is constructed in under three months.

Time-lapse construction video

Watch how the Terminal temporary modular housing is constructed in under three months.

Time-lapse construction video

Watch how the Ash Street temporary modular housing is constructed in under three months.

Drone video of 220 Terminal Ave

Watch a video by drone of 220 Terminal Ave, our first temporary modular housing development.

Tour 220 Terminal Ave

Take a video tour Vancouver’s first temporary modular housing development at 220 Terminal Ave.

Homeless to Housed

Hear how supportive housing helped Tamara get back on track.

Homeless to Housed

Hear how Daniel and Julia now pay their own rent after living in supportive housing.

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Housing Vancouver update

Read the Housing Vancouver update presentation to City Council on July 25, 2017 (3.8 MB).

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