Rapid response to homelessness

Properties across Vancouver are being rapidly repurposed to help address our homelessness crisis and break the cycle of homelessness by creating both supportive housing and shelters.

Supportive housing

Supportive housing saves lives by providing professional health and wellness supports such as meals, connection to health care, and life skills training, offered both on site and in the local community. 

Bringing people inside means there are fewer people outside struggling to survive. When a person chooses to live in supportive housing, they: 

  • Have a warm, safe place to call home 
  • Can access the necessities of life such as food, washrooms, and laundry 
  • Can begin to heal from the damage caused by living outside 
  • Can reconnect to community 

These buildings are not being used as shelters – they will be homes and all residents will be pay rent. 

What's happeningNew support for people experiencing homelessness

With funding support from the Federal government’s Rapid Housing Initiative Program, we've purchased the hotel at 2075 Kingsway with the intention of renovating the building to provide approximately 65 rooms with supports for people experiencing homelessness. 

Moving forward at 2075 Kingsway 

  • February 2021: City of Vancouver takes ownership of property
  • Summer: Building renovations to create new homes 
  • Late fall: Anticipated move-in date for residents occupants 

Dates in the timeline are approximate and subject to change. 

Temporary shelters

In partnership with the Province, we'll be opening two new temporary shelters totaling 120 beds. Shelters save lives by connecting residents experiencing homelessness with necessary health, social, and housing services.

Find out more about the temporary shelters proposed in Vancouver

Other repurposed buildings