Interior of a temporary modular housing unit

5077 and 5095 Heather Street

24/7 phone


Call the community liaison at 604-829-9321 until the 24/7 phone number is posted.

  • Former address: 4949 Heather St

The temporary modular housing at 5077 and 5095 Heather Street has been approved and is under construction. The site will have two buildings with a total of 98 studio homes. One building will have 46 homes and the second will have 52 homes. All studio units will be self-contained dwellings with a private bathroom and kitchen. A total of 12 homes will be wheelchair accessible.

This is a supportive housing building. BC Housing has selected Lu’ma Native Housing Society as the non-profit operator for this site. For the two buildings, priority will be given to Indigenous residents experiencing homelessness. The focus on supporting Indigenous residents in these buildings is in line with the need identified through Vancouver’s annual homeless count. It shows Indigenous people make up 40% of Vancouver’s homeless population.

The temporary modular housing is separate from the upcoming rezoning and permanent development of the Heather Lands site.

Development permit application