Girl riding a Mobi | Shaw Go bike

Walk, bike, roll, transit: Getting around the Vancouver way

Our goal: Encourage and support walking, cycling, and rolling so that 2/3 of all daily trips are made by walk, bike, and transit!

Over the past 20 years, the number of people living, working, and travelling in Vancouver has grown, and there are more trips than ever.

Despite this, the total number of cars entering Vancouver and downtown has declined. More people than ever choose to get around by walking, cycling, rolling (mobility aid, skateboard, scooter, etc.), and transit.

By walking, cycling, rolling, and taking transit more often, you’re:

of trips in Vancouver are made by walking + rolling, cycling, or transit.


Vancouver is rated one of the most walkable cities in the world.


Learn more about cycling in Vancouver, including routes, maps, and current projects.

Mobi, our public bike share system

With bicycles located across the network, Mobi by Shaw Go offers a convenient and affordable way to get around.


We've been selected to participate in a three-year electric kick scooter pilot program.

Public transit

Learn more about TransLink’s skytrain, bus and SeaBus network.

Car-sharing, carpooling, and ride-sharing

Save the environment and make new friends. Find out how to join a carpool, car-share, or car co-op.


VanGO is dedicated to promoting and encouraging active transportation and transit, as well as reducing private vehicle trips.

School Active Travel Program

Our program seeks to encourage and promote walking and cycling to school.

Making Streets for People Program

Review temporary changes we have made to our streets and public spaces to help with physically distancing and mitigate the risk of COVID-19.

Greenways for walking and cycling

We design and build safe, nature-rich paths that encourage you to explore Vancouver without using your car through the Greenways program.

How we are improving walking, cycling, rolling, and transit in the city 

We’ve set specific targets for the number of people walking and cycling to get around Vancouver.

To encourage and support walking, cycling, rolling, and transit, we are:

  • Building all ages and abilities (AAA) cycling routes
  • Encouraging and supporting walking, cycling, rolling, and transit through events and programs
  • Enhancing pedestrian safety

Our partners

TransLink  is the regional transportation authority for Metro Vancouver. In addition to being the transit operator in the region, TransLink plays a key role in planning and funding walking and cycling infrastructure, including sidewalks, greenways, and bike parkades.

HUB Cycling has spent over two decades removing barriers to cycling in Metro Vancouver through education, action, research, and popular events like Go By Bike Week and Bike to Shop. 

Better Environmentally Sound Transportation (B.E.S.T.) : offers innovative social enterprises, programs, and services to encourage, promote and enable sustainable and active transportation choices. 

Mobility trends in Vancouver

The Transportation Snapshot, formerly known as the report card, highlights key trends in sustainable transportation in the city.

Carshare moving towards zero-carbon options
of trips are made by sustainable modes (walking, cycling, rolling, and transit)
of Vancouver’s bike network is designed for all ages and abilities (AAA)
kilometres of Slow Streets installed to make it easier for people to walk, cycle, and roll
kilometres of cycle routes
daily cycling trips made in 2020

Transportation safety

Vancouver's transportation safety action plan has a goal to move towards zero traffic related fatalities.

Visibility and safety tips

Know how to stay seen and safe during dark times of day and wet weather.

Signs, signals, and regulations

Recognize the signs and signals used in Vancouver and know the regulations that help keep everyone safe.