Streets in Vancouver

Streets and sidewalks that create vibrant communities

Did you know?

Changing how we commute

The City designs, constructs, and maintains our streets, sidewalks, bridges, and structures for pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles.

Our surveyors, drafters, designers, project coordinators, and engineers work together to balance the needs of all street users, and design accessible streets and sidewalks. By doing this, we help to create a vibrant community experience on our streets.

Great streets require:

  • Visual and environmental enhancements, like street trees and boulevard gardens
  • Inclusive elements that provide accessibility to everyone: those with mobility issues, walkers, cyclists, businesses moving goods, and drivers
  • High quality solutions that last, from paving materials, to street fixtures and amenities

Our street maintenance and design pays specific attention to minimizing environmental impacts, such as reducing stormwater runoff, and accommodating sustainable modes of transportation.

Cleaning and maintenance

Maintaining our sidewalks and streets for garbage, leaves, snow, and potholes play an important role in keeping our city clean and vibrant.

Sidewalk fixtures and amenities

How to request for the installation of a bench, bike rack, garbage can, newspaper box, flag, and more on a City sidewalk.

Street and sidewalk use

Find out about what activities can take place on City streets and sidewalks, and when you need a street use permit.

Cost-shared improvements

Our program to help fund local improvements of streets and sidewalks is on hold. Learn about local improvement petitions and billing.

Streetscape design guidelines

Sets our design objectives for sidewalks, furniture, trees, and landscaping along all public streets.