Street design guidelines and construction standards

Our Engineering Services teams use several sets of standards to design safe, long-lasting streets in Vancouver.

If you plan to do construction or make improvements on private property, we provide standards and guidelines so that completed work meets City building codes and is safe and accessible.

Master Municipal Construction Document

Specifies measurements and drawings for municipal infrastructure design and construction. For sale on the MMCDA website.

Street Restoration Manual (7.93 MB)

Supplement to MMCD. Provides added specs, procedures, and drawings to meet specific needs for construction activities in Vancouver.

Geometric Design Guide for Canadian Roads

Forms the base standard for road design, to which we added designs to better support for walking and cycling. For sale on the TAC website.

Streetscape design guidelines

Sets our design objectives for sidewalks, furniture, trees, and landscaping along all public streets.

Accessible Street Design (238.01 KB)

Provides our standards on making streets and sidewalks accessible for people of all ages and abilities.

Street Tree Manual (1.46 MB)

Describes street tree and landscape planting issues on City right-of-ways, for use with development permits and our Street Restoration Manual.