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Cost-shared street and sidewalk improvements

The City and property owners share the cost of many types of local improvements.

The City of Vancouver makes improvements to City streets and sidewalks through initiatives proposed by the City, or requested by local property owners.

Local improvement program on hold

The City has limited funds for cost-shared improvement projects. Under the 2012 to 2014 Capital Plan, funding for the City's contribution is not available for street, lane or sidewalk improvements, including petitions in progress.

How an initiative proceeds

When the City proposes an initiative, the City petitions local property owners to gauge their support.

When a property owner proposes an initiative, the City provides that owner with a petition to gauge the support of owners benefitting from this initiative. This process gives property owners, both residents and businesses, the opportunity to enjoy better streets and sidewalks sooner.

In both cases, property owners can choose to support or oppose the initiative.

Successful petitions with signatures from at least two-thirds of affected property owners are brought to City Council for approval and funding of the proposed improvement.

Owners who would be affected by the proposed improvements will be notified and given an opportunity to support or defeat the project. The City will send owners a notice of assessment with details of the costs, and invite the owners to a Court of Revision.

At a Court of Revision, City Council will hear the concerns of affected owners, hear from staff, and decide on the proposed improvement.

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How the improvements are billed

Cost-shared local improvement charges are paid through property taxes, either in a single payment or as annual installments.

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Related documents

The Vancouver Charter and the Local Improvement Procedures Bylaw outline the requirements that must be met in order for various local improvement projects to be constructed.