Curb bulges

Bulges increase pedestrian safety, and increase green space.

Curb bulges are a traffic calming measure which narrow curbs at street intersections. Streets that are 10 metres wide typically have two bulges installed, one on each side of the street. Streets narrower than 10 metres will have only one bulge installed.

Curb bulges help to:

  • Increase pedestrian safety by reducing the crossing distance between curbs
  • Encourage vehicles to slow down as they travel through an intersection
  • Increase green space, with gardens planted by resident volunteers

Who pays for residential road improvements

Curb bulges are automatically included in all new residential street construction projects.

If area property owners request corner bulges, the City may agree to have the bulges installed.

First the City will review the request. If the location is appropriate, the City will send you a petition to ask your neighbours about the corner bulges. The petition is necessary because the curb bulges would be funded entirely by the affected property owners.

Traffic calming installed as part of a community plan

When the City redevelops areas within a community as part of a larger community plan, the cost to install traffic calming measures is 100% funded by the City's capital plan budget.

Attention gardeners

Traffic circle gardens help beautify Vancouver.Volunteer to tend to gardens on traffic circles and corner bulges through the City's Green Streets program.

Green Streets Program