Three people riding bicycles on the road

Cycling in Vancouver

Cycling is one of the cleanest and most energy efficient forms of transportation and the number of people choosing to cycle continues to grow every year.

Much of this growth comes from our support for green transportation initiatives to make cycling and walking more safe, convenient, and comfortable for people of all ages and abilities.

Expanding the bike route network is an important strategy in our effort to reduce traffic congestion to become more sustainable.

Our initiatives

New and upgraded cycling routes

By expanding and upgrading our cycling network, we are increasing cycling comfort and encouraging more people to ride their bikes.

More bicycle parking

We install bicycle racks and corrals on public property around Vancouver, as do businesses on their properties.

Bike-friendly events

We encourage event planners to promote cycling and walking by providing bike valet parking and promoting public transit options at events.

Get cycling information

Cycling routes and maps

Download a map of the Vancouver cycling network. We’re improving and expanding our cycling network to include greenways and protected bike lanes.

Mobi, our public bike share system

With bicycles located across the network, Mobi by Rogers offers a convenient and affordable way to get around.

Register your bike to reduce theft

Register your bike with 529 Garage and learn to properly lock your bike to discourage thieves.

Bicycle parking and air pumps

We install bike parking throughout Vancouver. Learn about our types of bike parking and how to request new bike parking.

Moving goods and services by bike

Find out about permits you need in order to operate a business that uses your bike and cycling skills.

Improving our cycling network

We are building and expanding a network of cycling routes for your safety, comfort, and convenience. Learn about current projects. Share your comments.

Visibility and safety tips

Know how to stay seen and safe during dark times of day and wet weather.

Signs, signals, and regulations

Recognize the signs and signals used in Vancouver and know the regulations that help keep everyone safe.

Skateboard in protected bike lanes

Young boy skateboarding in Vancouver

In November 2017, Council approved that skates, skateboards, and push-scooters be permitted in protected bike lanes.

Plan your route

Protected bike lanes are physically separated from motor vehicle traffic by barriers such as concrete medians, planters, and vehicle parking lanes. Before this pilot, skateboarding was only allowed on local streets (without painted lane lines).

Read the bylaw for this pilot program PDF file (183 KB)