The 529 Garage app and decal help defend your bike from theft

Register your bike to reduce theft

Let's register 100,000 bicycles – it's free!

Around 2,000 bicycles are reported stolen in Vancouver every year, but only a few get returned to their owners when recovered by police.

Why so few? Because many owners don't record and share their bike serial number and description.

Help defend against the bike theft epidemic by:

  1. Registering your bike with 529 Garage bike registry for free – it takes only five minutes!
  2. Getting a 529 Garage decal to discourage thieves
  3. Locking your bike properly

In the event your bike goes missing, you'll have everything you need to activate the police and community to help recover your bike.

The City's Greenest City Action Plan team, Park Board, Vancouver Police Department , and Vancouver Police Foundation have teamed up to register 100,000 bicycles into the 529 Garage bike registry for free.

This will significantly improve the chances of stolen bikes being reunited with their owners.

Getting a 529 decal

Get a free decal at your local community policing centre

Visit a participating business

Woman gets her stolen bike returned thanks to the 529 Garage app and Vancouver Police

529 Garage works! This person got their stolen bike back because they registered it.

Find free registration events

Locking your bike

Use a high-quality, durable lock – not a cable lock that's easily cut

Locks are about buying time. A burly chain at least 12 mm thick will delay thieves the longest. Ask your local bike shop for recommendations.

Find a sturdy and anchored bike rack, pole, or object

Your bike is only as secure as what you’re locking it to. Make sure thieves can’t lift your bike over the object or detach the object from the ground to take your bike. Shake the object first to check it's bolted or cemented. Avoid locking your bike to handrails or other mobility aids.

Secure your whole bike

Protect your wheels! Remove the front wheel, then lock both wheels together with the frame. If you can’t lock a wheel, take it with you.

Bikes registered
Bikes returned to owners

Contact the police bike theft prevention team 

Mount Pleasant Community Centre
1 Kingsway

10am to 2pm