Car-sharing, carpooling, and ride-sharing

Car-sharing networks spread the use of a few vehicles between a number of drivers. Carpooling and ride-sharing help to reduce the number of cars on the road. Choose sustainable driving habits to help Vancouver become the greenest city in the world by 2020.


Need a car, but don't want to own one? Join a car-sharing organization to gain access to hundreds of vehicles that you can rent by the minute, hour, or day. Save the expense of owning and maintaining your own vehicle, including the gas and maintenance costs.

Vehicles are conveniently located throughout Vancouver and the Lower Mainland region, and can be reserved online, by smartphone app, or over the phone.

Car-share parking

Car-sharing perks extend to parking, too. Shared cars, trucks, and vans have dedicated parking spaces in private parking lots and on City streets. City bylaws also allow shared vehicles to park in "resident only" and "no parking except with permit" areas.

Additionally, car-sharing organizations may allow rental sessions to end at other types of parking regulations (e.g. "two hour parking"), however, it is the responsibility of the car-sharing organization, and their members, to ensure that the regulations are followed.

Car-share co-operatives and businesses

Carpooling and ride-sharing

Add others to your own daily car commute, or join another driver who travels in the same direction. If you need help finding other passengers, the Jack Bell Ride-Share website can help.

Formal carpooling options

You can register as a driver or passenger for free.

Jack Bell Ride-Share 

The Jack Bell Ride-Share database connects you with people who travel a similar route. 


Share rides between cities with Poparide. 

Vancouver goes green

Sustainable commuting for staff

The sustainable commuting program offers incentives to City employees to encourage them to come to City Hall each day by walking, biking, or car pooling, all funded through charging employees for parking.

Green fleets

Council has implemented an extensive program to reduce the environmental impact caused by the CIty's vehicles and heavy equipment.