Construction workers with a stop sign and backhoe on city street

Traffic management for construction and special events

Construction, film, and special event projects that use Vancouver streets, laneways, sidewalks, bicycle facilities, and other transporation infrastructure are required to control traffic through work and event zones. 

Private contractors, utility companies, and our construction crews must meet traffic control standards. These standards are:

 We review traffic control plans and traffic management plans. WorkSafeBC may require additional traffic control documentation for construction or special events.

Steps to preparing a traffic control plan

Permits you may need before you begin your project

Apply for and manage permit

Review regulations and apply for the required permits for your construction or renovation project.

Special events on public property

Your special event may require a number of permits, depending on the location, type of event, and more.

Film permits

Filming a movie, TV show, documentary, and more requires permits. Find out how to get a permit, the fees required, and more.