Person with film light on cherry picker

Filming in Vancouver

The City and Park Board film offices help your production company to:

  • Access civic services
  • Get film activity permits and other related permits suited to your production's specific needs
  • Facilitate engagement with residents and businesses and help identify areas of sensitivity or constrained use
  • Coordinate with other street user groups such as street and infrastructure projects, development and construction, and special events

Film permits

Filming a movie, TV show, and more requires permits.Find out how to get a permit to film on city streets, in parks, and on other public property.

Student filming and photography

Learn how to setup a still photography or student filming shoot on city streets, in parks, and on other public property.

Scout and select film locations

Review the steps to booking a location and learn about areas that have additional requirements or restrictions.

Filming fees

Review filming and commercial photography fees for filming in Vancouver.

Industry resources and contacts

Get film-related industry contacts and resources to help with your project and approvals.

Film complaint form

Make a complaints about filming on a street, sidewalk, or public plaza.