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Business licences and permits

We issue about 50,000 business licenses and 100,000 permits every year. These cover everything from busking to home-based businesses to large multinational organizations, and industries ranging from entertainment to high-tech to tourism to finance.

Starting or expanding a small business

Key resources to to help you start or expand your business in Vancouver.

Operating a small business

Key resources to run your business smoothly and sustainably.

Business licences

Get information on the types of businesses that require licences, and how to apply for, renew, cancel, and manage your business licence.

Permits for businesses

Along with a business licence, you might need additional permits for the type of business you want to conduct in Vancouver.

Hospitality Sector Working Group

The Hospitality Working Group consists of representatives from across the hospitality sector and City staff. Review our progress.

Organize a special event

Get details on how to apply to hold your event in a park, on a city street, sidewalk, or public plaza.

Filming in Vancouver

Get help with your production company to access civic services, get film and related permits, and approve location requests.

Advertising on City property

Information about advertising and promoting your organization or business on City of Vancouver property.