Vancouver City Hall

Paying the City

Mailing your payment? A Canada Post service disruption may delay its delivery. Please consider other options such as making your payment online or in person. 

There are a variety of ways you can make a payment to the City of Vancouver. You can either make a payment:

  • Online - fastest and most convenient
  • By mail or courier
  • In person

 Please view your bill to find out how you can pay. Payment locations and addresses vary and are dependent on the type of fee. 

Pay your parking ticket

Review and pay parking tickets online, or pay by phone or in person. Pay within 14 days for a 40 per cent discount.

Paying your taxes

Pay your property tax and Empty Homes Tax (Vacancy Tax). Get information on ways to pay your taxes.

Paying your utility bill

Find out how much you owe on your utility bill and what payment options are available.

Pay for permits, licences, decals, rentals, and more

Buy a residential parking permit

Buy your annual, short-term, or visitor residential parking permit online, over the phone, or in person.

Get a dog licence

Buy, renew, or cancel a dog licence, and replace a dog tag. Find out why having a dog licence helps keep your dog and other dogs safe.

Stickers for extra garbage bags

If you have extra garbage that will not fit in your garbage bin, place your excess garbage in a bag, buy and put an "extra garbage sticker" on the bag.

Alarm permit

All homes and businesses with an alarm system or security system must have an alarm permit and renew it every year. Apply for and manage your alarm permit.

Get a business licence

Find out how to apply for a business licence, additional requirements, and other approvals you might need.

Licensing your commercial vehicle

To use a vehicle for business purposes, you need an annual commercial vehicle licence decal (and maybe a permit plate). Apply for and manage your decal and plate.

Burrard Civic Marina

Apply for moorage or land storage at the Burrard Civic Marina. Also, find information, services and fees for the marina.

Heather Civic Marina

Find information, services and fees for the Heather Civic Marina – one of the City of Vancouver’s marinas in False Creek.