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Buy an annual or a short-term residential parking permit

A Canada Post service disruption may delay the delivery of your parking permit. If you successfully purchased a permit online, you will be allowed to park in the permit zone without displaying a permit.

Annual permits can be purchased on the first day of the month that a permit expires.

Ready to buy your permit? Please read before you buy a permit to know: the rules, the eligibility requirements, what documents to provide for an annual or short-term permit, the fees, where to attach your decal, the refund policy, and where to buy your permit in person.

Buy a permit online or by phone

You can buy your permit online or by phone if you can meet each of the following requirements. You are a:
  • Resident of the permit zone
  • Registered owner or lessee of the vehicle
  • Declared principal operator of the vehicle and have valid ICBC insurance that shows your current address on both page one and two of your insurance documents

Purchase now

Prefer to buy a permit by phone? Call phone 3-1-1 from 7am – 10 pm, 7 days a week.

Buy a permit in person

You must buy your permit in person if you are:

  • Paying by cash, debit, or cheque
  • Not the registered owner or lessee of the vehicle
  • The declared principal operator of the vehicle and have insurance documents without your current address on it
  • Applying for a short-term or visitor parking permit
  • Applying for the West End Zone Permit at the non-market rate and aren't enrolled in the Leisure Access Program

Where to buy a permit in person

Before you buy a permit