Cars parked on a Vancouver street

Time-limited and metered parking

Parking meter tips

  • Parking meters are in effect from 9am to 10pm, 7 days a week, including holidays.
  • Daytime rates (9am to 6pm) may be different from evening rates (6pm to 10pm).
  • Before paying, check if there are parking restrictions in effect, such as rush hour, special events, or construction.
  • Pay with the PayByPhone app and get text alerts when your session expires and extend it.

Parking time limits, metered parking, and other regulations help to:

  • Ensure you can find on-street parking near destinations such as shops, services, and amenities
  • Manage streets in industrial areas
  • Serve residential visitors and service providers in denser neighbourhoods
  • Minimize unnecessary searching for parking, congestion, traffic safety risks, and pollution 

Our goal is to provide up to two available parking spaces per block in peak periods.

Time-limited parking

  • Is typically 1 hour or 2 hours  
  • Gets shorter as demand for parking increases 
  • Is replaced with parking meters if time limits alone are not effective at managing parking

Parking meter rates

  • Vary throughout the city
  • Are set based on demand and may vary by time of day
  • Are adjusted annually based on parking data collected in the previous year
  • 5% tax is included in parking meter rates

Other street parking regulations

Loading and passenger zones

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Accessible parking

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Car-sharing, carpooling and ride-sharing

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Motorcycles and scooters

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Public parking lots

EasyPark is a City-owned, non-profit company that manages parking lots that are owned and leased by the City of Vancouver.

Find parking lots around Vancouver and in City parks on the EasyPark website .