Accessible parking

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In addition to parking options available to everyone, if you have a vehicle with a valid SPARC permit, you can park in the following restricted-access parking spots in the City of Vancouver:

  • Designated disabled parking zones
  • Accessible parking meter spots

Find a designated accessible parking space

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Other places you can park and load

Vehicles that display a SPARC permit get parking exemptions in the following zones:

Zone type Time limit
Resident Permit Parking, and Resident Parking Only 3 hours, without a residential parking permit 
Regular loading zones 30 minutes while actively loading or unloading people or materials
Passenger zones 30 minutes while actively loading or unloading people or materials.
No Parking zones 30 minutes while actively loading or unloading people or materials.

Accessible parking at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre and Vancouver Playhouse

To reserve accessible parking at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre, call 604-665-2193 during the week, at least 24 hours before your event. Have your decal number and ticket information ready. An elevator operates from both floors of the parkade to the Plaza Level on Hamilton St.

Enter the parkade for the Queen Elizabeth Theatre and Vancouver Playhouse off Cambie St.

There is no guarantee of parking, even with a ticket to an event, unless you have an accessible parking decal.

Get an accessible parking permit

To park in an space reserved for people with disabilities in Vancouver, you need SPARC parking permit.

Get a SPARC permit 

Report the misuse of accessible parking permits

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To use an accessible parking space on a Vancouver street, you must display your SPARC permit (or other recognized disabled exemption) and pay the parking meter. Otherwise, your vehicle will be ticketed and towed.

Only use the SPARC permit when the permit holder is in the vehicle, and keep the permit up-to-date.

Report concerns about permit misuse to the SPARC Accessibility and Enforcement Line at 604-718-7734.

Report a broken meter

Do not park at a broken parking meter. You will get a ticket.

Report a broken meter online and:

  • Provide the six-digit meter number located on the side of the meter 
  • If you lose money in the broken meter, we will provide a credit of up to a $2 worth of parking

Services for residents with accessibility needs

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