Commercial and business parking

If your business uses a vehicle, you need to know the rules and regulations of commercial parking in the City. Learn about commercial loading zones and lanes, and by reserving metered spaces for commercial use. Find out where you can park if you operate a tour bus, and find out how to get a permit to use Granville Mall.

If you run a business and your customers need street parking, learn how to make a request to add or remove parking meters.

Commercial parking

Tour bus parking and zones

Get the rules for tour bus parking, including the bylaw, and details on tour bus loading and parking zones.

Commercial loading zones and lanes

Know the regulations for commercial loading zones and lanes, including the rules both commercial and non-commercial vehicles must follow.

Granville Mall commercial parking permit

Access and parking along Granville Street between Hastings and Smithe streets—the Granville Mall area—is not open to general vehicular traffic. Find out if you need a Granville Mall permit to access and park here.

Reserve parking spaces and parking meters

Temporary special zone permits reserve parking spaces and parking meters for your construction work, moving trucks, special deliveries, or service work.

Ask to add or remove meters

Parking meters prevent drivers from parking too long in one place. Request that a parking meter be installed or removed.