Ask to add or remove meters

Parking meters prevent drivers from parking too long in one place. This encourages more frequent turnover of parking spaces, so business patrons and visitors can find parking.

You can request a review of parking meters in your area to add meters or remove meters.

If you're a business owner, speak with your Business Improvement Area first if there are no existing meters in your area, or your business is located outside of meter zone boundaries.

 We only remove meters when they block the visibility of motorists.

How we review your request

If you want meters to be added or removed, we will:

  1. Investigate whether there is demand for short-term parking
  2. Verify if the area is located in an approved meter zone
  3. Send your request for approval
  4. If approved, install or remove meters

Submit a parking meter request

Read the Parking Meter Bylaw

Read the bylaw (4 MB)

Reserve parking

A temporary special zone permit allows you to reserve metered or restricted parking spaces for:

  • Construction
  • Moving trucks
  • Deliveries
  • Service work