Granville Mall commercial parking permit

Access and parking along Granville Street between Hastings and Smithe streets—the Granville Mall area—is not open to general vehicular traffic.

Vehicles with automatic access to Granville Mall include:

  • Buses, taxis, and limousines
  • Vehicles for people with physical disabilities, such as HandyDart

Granville Mall permits

If you drive a commercial vehicle that is not listed above, you require a Granville Mall permit in order to access Granville Street between Hastings and Smithe streets.

Bring all current vehicle insurance to our Client Services Centre to buy a permit.


Vehicle type  Permit type Fee 
Commercial  One year  $282.71
Commercial  One to 14 days  $35.05
Non-commercial  One day  $10.30

Taxes are not included.

Your vehicle can be ticketed or towed if you:

  • Do not display the Granville Mall permit on your vehicle dashboard so that the permit is visible through your front windshield 
  • Stop on the Granville Mall during rush hour (from 7am to 9:30am, or from 3pm to 6pm)
  • Are not parked parallel to the transitway
  • Are parked more than 1.5 metres into, or completely on the transitway
  • Stop to load or unload a taxi or limousine for more than three minutes
  • Stop to load or unload any other type of commercial vehicle for more than 30 minutes
  • Stop or park at a bus stop
  • Stop or park within 5 metres of a fire hydrant

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