Cars parked on street

Residential parking permits

A residential parking permit will allow you to park in your neighbourhood, but it may not guarantee parking in front of your property or in some cases, your block.

Streets with residential parking:

  • Help manage parking where on street parking is in high demand
  • Combine restricted resident parking with time-limited spaces for visitors
  • May be subject to temporary closure for construction, filming, and street cleaning;
     it's your  responsibility to be aware of these temporary changes and find alternate parking in these instances

Know the rules

 Remember to affix your decal to your vehicle's windshield upon receipt. Vehicles not displaying a valid decal will be subject to a parking ticket.

Your permit is valid if:

  • You park within the zone that your residential address is in (for example: if you have a West End decal, you cannot park in the Mount Pleasant zone)
  • Your vehicle licence plate number matches the number printed on the decal

Your permit is invalid if:

  • You move, change your vehicle, or licence plate
  • The decal is altered

Let us know if you didn't receive your permit within 10 business days.

Buy a residential parking permit

Buy your annual, short-term, or visitor residential parking permit online, over the phone, or in person.

Replace your parking decal

Find out how to replace your parking decal if your vehicle is damaged, stolen, or changed, or your decal is misplaced.

Requesting a new or change an existing permit zone

View the steps to requesting a new or changing an existing residential permit zone in your neighbourhood.

West End Parking Strategy

Learn about our strategy to make it easier to find parking in the West End.

Cambie Village, South Granville, and VRPP permits expire February 29. Buy your permit for the year ahead starting February 1.