Jeep and other cars parked on street

Replace your parking permit decal

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) update

April 30, 2020: Parking enforcement will resume across the city. Parking-enforcement efforts will focus on priority and problem areas such as: 

  • Metered-parking areas
  • Time-limited areas 
  • Residential-permit parking zones with little to no availability

  Restarting parking enforcement will allow healthcare and homecare workers to find parking spots more easily as they work to keep their communities safe.

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If you do not display a decal on your vehicle, a parking ticket will be issued.

When you can replace your decal

As permit offices are closed due to COVID-19, contact with your request for a replacement decal.

Typical reasons why a replacement decal is required include:

  • Your licence plate, residential address, or vehicle has changed
  • It was misplaced after receiving it in the mail
  • Your vehicle was damaged/written off or your windshield has been replaced
  • It is peeling off your windshield

Where to get your refund

Got your decal?