Motorcycle and scooter parking

We make it easy to park your environmentally-friendly mode of transportation to support your efforts to help Vancouver become one of the greenest cities in the world.

Under Street and Traffic By-law 2849 (947 KB), motorcycle and scooter drivers can use:

  • Regular on-street parking spaces
  • Parking spaces designated for motorcycles

Parking spaces just for motorcycles and scooters

There are over 200 parking spaces specifically for motorcycles and scooters, including over 100 metered spaces. These designated spaces are marked with:

  • Green-topped meters
  • Motorcycle parking signs
  • White painted zones

Parking a car in a space designated for motorcycles and scooters is illegal under section 17.2 (j) of the by-law.

Map of parking spaces for just motorcycles and scooters

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Report a broken meter

Do not park at a broken parking meter. You will get a ticket.

Report a broken meter online and:

  • Provide the 6-digit meter number located on the side of the meter 
  • If you lose money in the broken meter, a time credit of up to $2 worth of parking may be available by calling 3-1-1