Extra garbage stickers

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) update

April 29, 2020: Due to COVID-19, community centres are closed and extra garbage stickers can only be purchased at City Hall (by appointment only) and at participating Vancouver Safeway stores.

If you have garbage that will not fit in your bin, you can:

  1. Place your extra garbage in a bag
  2. Tie it securely
  3. Put an "extra garbage sticker" on the bag
  4. Set the bag out on your regular garbage collection day along with your garbage bin

 Ensure that the sticker faces out to the centre of the street or lane, so it is visible to collection crews. Without the sticker, the collection crew will not pick up the bag. 

Buy stickers ahead of time, so you are prepared in case they are needed.

If you often have extra garbage that does not fit in your bin, consider getting a larger bin. For more information online or call 3-1-1.

Where to buy extra garbage stickers

You can buy extra garbage stickers in person at:

  • City Hall (main floor at Revenue Services) by appointment only. Call 604-673-8216 to arrange an appointment.
  • At participating Vancouver Safeway stores (contact your local store to ensure stickers are available)


From City Hall: $10 per strip of five

From Safeway: $2 per sticker

Taxes don't apply.

What bags to use and how to set them out

  1. Use standard garbage bags that are up to 66 cm wide × 91 cm tall. No shopping bags, please.
  2. Fill the garbage bags up to 20 kg. Don't overfill them.
  3. Put a sticker on each bag.
  4. Set out the bags next to your garbage bin on collection day.

Garbage bins

Steps to ordering garbage bins for your residence. Get rates and suggested sizes.