Electric vehicle charging station

Electric Vehicles

To support options for renewably powered transportation across Vancouver, we are improving and expanding the public charging network so everyone can access a plug when needed.

Where to charge electric vehicles (EVs)

Find a EV charging station near you or your destination with online maps and mobile apps such as Plugshare  or Chargehub .

We currently manage 75 “Level 2” public charging points throughout Vancouver, 34 of which are on city properties, and one DC Fast Charger, located next to Highway 1 at Empire Fields.

It’s estimated that another 175 charging points are available to EV drivers in Vancouver that are managed by parking garages, hotels, shopping malls, and other services.

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New user fees for some City operated EV charging stations

As of November 15, fees will be introduced at nine charging stations locations across the city to promote turn-over and ensure that plugs are available for people to top-up or charge their electric vehicle. Fees are being kept as low as possible to support access and promote sharing. Fees will be blended with parking rates at several locations, other locations will require payment both at the charging station and at the parking meter. Click on the map above to see which City operated charging stations will have user fees from November 15 or download a list of Electric Vehicle charging station fees PDF file (41 KB).

Why electric vehicles?

Zero emissions

British Columbia is fortunate to have an electrical grid that is at least 93% renewable. EVs can charge up today and have nearly emissions-free travel with zero tailpipe emissions. This reduces the climate change impact from gasoline or diesel vehicles and improves air quality for everyone.

Fast recharging with many locations

Vancouver is a dense, compact city. Most Vancouver drivers travel less than 30 km per day. EV batteries can be recharged from these trips in about one hour on a Level 2 (240V) plug, or in a few minutes on a Fast Charger. EVs are more flexible at "refuelling" than conventional vehicles – they can be charged at home, businesses, parking garages, parks, and more.

Efficient, quiet, and low-stress

EVs are more efficient than fossil-fueled vehicles, travelling about 5 times further per unit of energy. They are also quiet and require far less maintenance than a conventional vehicle.

Smart Cities Challenge

We've submitted our final bid for the Smart Cities Challenge. Smart cities have the potential to improve livability and opportunity in a city.

How we support electric vehicles

Creating an electric vehicle ecosystem

We're committed to deriving 100% of our energy from renewable sources before 2050. How we get around will play an important role in how we get to that goal, and we know that walking, cycling, or taking transit isn’t always possible.

We are committed to expanding EV infrastructure and improving the public network of charging stations so that EV plugs are available to anyone that needs them. By introducing a small fee to charging stations, we hope to encourage turn-over and plug sharing; making plugs available to EV drivers who rely on them. With the addition of user fees, we will be able to gather data to inform where more plugs are needed. Fees will be monitored and reduced in areas where they are not being used.

The Electric Vehicle Ecosystem Strategy was approved on November 16, 2016, and aims to create flexible options for charging vehicles which is integral to achieving our goal of 100% renewably powered transportation before 2050.

View recent updates to council:

Electric vehicle sales have grown
year-over-year since 2011

We recognize that light-duty vehicles will continue to be an important part of Vancouver's transportation system for the foreseeable future. To that end, electric vehicle infrastructure is critical in shifting light-duty vehicles away from fossil fuels.

While electric vehicle uptake continues to grow, one of the single greatest barriers to widespread adoption is a lack of access to convenient charging. To support the transition to renewably powered transportation, we will be adding many more charging stations across the City and ensuring that infrastructure matches demand in the years to come.

Electric vehicle sales in Vancouver are growing steadily, with about 70% growth year-over-year since 2011. There are currently over 3,000 electric vehicles in Metro Vancouver. By 2050, we expect about 300,000 electric vehicles to be registered in the city.

Installing charging stations

In 2010, we partnered with Project Get Ready, established by the Rocky Mountain Institute, to develop a list of actions to support and increase electric vehicle use. Since then, we’ve deployed a small network of Level 2 charging stations plus one DC Fast Charging Station.

We operate a DC Fast Charging station in partnership with BC Hydro at Empire Fields on Hastings Street, next to Highway 1. The Province of BC plans to add many more DC Fast Charging stations throughout the province, including increasing the density of stations within Metro Vancouver.

From 2011 to 2014, we ran a field trial, funded by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, the Province of BC, and BC Hydro. We installed publicly accessible Level 2 charging stations in a variety of locations, including community centres, shopping malls, curbside, and other locations throughout the city. The field trial provided valuable insights into how EVs and charging infrastructure are used in Vancouver, as well as an understanding of deploying and managing the stations.

Increasing charging access in residences

Since 2011, our Building Bylaw has required 20% of parking stalls in apartments and condos, and all stalls in houses to be electric vehicle ready. In 2013, we updated our building bylaw so that 10% of stalls in mixed-use and commercial buildings are also ready for electric vehicles. Both of these now require that these “EV-ready” locations support Level 2 (240V) charging.

Increasing the number of electric vehicles in car sharing programs

We're encouraging local car-share organizations to add electric vehicles to their fleet by letting them access City-operated charging stations.

Increasing our electric vehicle fleet

We now have the biggest municipal electric vehicle fleet in Canada with over 30 electric vehicles. That number will continue to increase as older light-duty vehicles are replaced with EVs.

Condos, townhomes, and apartments

Visit  for information on setting up EV charging in stratified buildings.

You can also search their registry to find an EV-friendly strata building.