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An equitable plan

Climate action can provide significant opportunities to advance equity, through new employment opportunities, improved affordability, and improved health. Vancouver is striving to respond to the climate crisis with ambitious carbon reduction policies and the equitable implementation of those policies.

What does a more equitable Vancouver look like if we are successful with the Climate Emergency Action Plan over the coming decades? Collectively, our actions should:

  • Make low-cost sustainable transportation options easy, safe, and reliable, so that people get to their destination without needing to rely on gas and diesel vehicles and the noise and pollution they produce.
  • Ensure that everyone has the ability to live and work in zero emissions buildings, and be able to benefit from comfort, quiet, healthy air, and lower energy costs they offer. 
  • Share the costs of reducing our carbon pollution in ways that reflect people’s ability to contribute to that transition.
  • Create new and varied opportunities for people to participate in a zero-carbon economy, including the support people need to transition to those opportunities.

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For organizations who represent disproportionally impacted communities, contact us about the Climate and Equity Working Group.