Climate action through buildings

2030 targets

  • Carbon pollution from buildings will be half what it was in 2007
  • There will be 40% less embodied emissions from new buildings and construction projects compared to 2018 

Burning natural gas, a fossil fuel, in buildings (for space and water heating) accounts for 55% of the carbon pollution generated in Vancouver. Construction creates additional emissions locally and globally through the production and transportation of building materials.

Reducing our carbon pollution means we need to change how our buildings are:

  • Heated
  • Cooled
  • Designed
  • Constructed

Building the future we want

In a city with high performance zero emissions buildings, owners, and tenants will:

  • Experience improved comfort and protection from climate impacts with air filtration and cooling
  • Benefit from healthier air when using renewable energy rather than burning fossil fuels
  • Save money with higher efficiency equipment and be less vulnerable to volatile fossil fuel prices

Our green building policies will continue to provide opportunities for local businesses, local workforce, and industry innovation, which contributes to our strong green economy.

Help us change the way we build and renovate

As a municipal government, we have unique opportunities to activate change through:

  • Progressive building policies, by-laws, and supporting programs
  • Provision of energy through our City-owned utility (NEU) 

We work with the utilities commission to advocate for clean, affordable energy supply, and we collaborate with other levels of government to advocate for and align policies, programs, and incentives.

Whether you live, build, or renovate in Vancouver, there are resources and programs to support you.

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