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Olympic Village

Details for developers, designers, and builders

The Vancouver Neighbourhood Energy Strategy targets Downtown Vancouver, the Cambie Corridor, Central Broadway, and River District as high-priority areas for implementing neighbourhood renewable energy systems.

Projects that require a rezoning or development permit to proceed in these areas will be reviewed by City staff to determine if they should connect to a neighbourhood renewable energy system.

Know how your project needs to be designed

In some instances, very large development projects will have unique low-carbon energy requirements as established in the Rezoning Policy for Sustainable Large Developments or the General Policy for Higher Buildings.

Read the Rezoning Policy for Sustainable Large Developments if your project:

  • Is on a parcel that is two or more acres (8,094 m2)
  • Has a proposed floor area of 46,452m2 (500,000 ft2) or more 

Read the General Policy for Higher Buildings if your project:

  • Is in the approved higher building area of the Central Business District
  • Is proposed to be 114 m (375 ft) or higher

Planning resources

Find documents and resources to help plan your project. To navigate, use your mouse, finger, or left and right buttons.