Cambie Corridor aerial view

Neighbourhood renewable energy system providers

With the exception of the City-owned Southeast False Creek Neighbourhood Energy Utility, new neighbourhood renewable energy systems in Vancouver will be built, owned, and operated by public utility companies that are regulated by the BC Utilities Commission.

The Commission protects consumers and ensures energy rates are fair, just, and reasonable through an open and transparent review process. 

Current systems

South Downtown Neighbourhood Energy System

After a competitive public process, we selected Creative Energy  to develop a new neighbourhood energy system for part of the South Downtown area. This system will be the fourth renewable energy system in Vancouver since 2010.

New large developments in the designated area will be required to connect to this new system to significantly reduce greenhouse gas pollution and enable the development of a low-carbon system.

The new system can also be adapted to serve existing buildings in the area. Owners of existing buildings can potentially connect to the system and, optionally, remove their natural gas boilers. Connecting to a neighbourhood energy system will help these new buildings achieve low GHG emissions.

Creative Energy is regulated by the BC Utilities Commission to ensure fair and reasonable energy rates for customers.

Southeast False Creek Neighbourhood Energy Utility

The Southeast False Creek Neighbourhood Energy Utility Utility has been providing low-carbon energy to the former Olympic Village and ‚ÄčSoutheast False Creek community since 2010.

The system is owned and operated by the City of Vancouver.

Northeast False Creek

After a competitive public process, we selected Creative Energy to develop a neighbourhood renewable energy system to provide heat and hot water to new developments in Northeast False Creek and Chinatown.

This system will be integrated with Creative Energy's steam system, using its modern hot water distribution intrastructure.

The BC Utilities Commission approved Creative Energy's application to establish this system in December 2015.

Read the Council report on the Neighbourhood Energy Bylaw for Northeast False Creek and Chinatown (500 KB)

River District on Marine Way

River District Energy is a developer-owned neighbourhood renewable energy system. It is regulated by the BC Utilities Commission.

River District Energy has been operating since 2012, providing heat and hot water to new building developments in this area.

Other systems under development

We are evaluating new systems for other areas of Vancouver, including South Downtown, the West End, False Creek Flats, Cambie Corridor, and other areas approved for high-density development.

We are also exploring converting existing steam systems downtown and at health care campuses from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources to help reduce citywide carbon emissions.