Green home retrofit plan

Today, 15% of all emissions in Vancouver come from burning natural gas (a fossil fuel) for heating and hot water in our detached homes. 

Our focus

  • Reduce carbon pollution from burning natural gas to heat buildings and hot water in our homes
  • Support energy efficiency retrofits and the transition to renewable energy
  • Achieve fair and equitable outcomes 

To support home owners and occupants to be part of the solution to our climate crisis, we’re developing a plan to reduce the emissions from homes across the city. This plan will focus on:

  • Switching space heating and hot water equipment from natural gas (a fossil fuel) equipment to clean electric alternatives like heat pumps, or to use renewable gas
  • Reducing energy waste and improving home comfort through home tune-ups (This can include lowering your thermostat, eliminating drafts, and installing insulation and better windows.)

Learn more about the steps to reducing emissions in your home

Buildings as a climate solution

In Vancouver, nearly 60% of our carbon pollution comes from buildings. 

That’s why we have been working on the zero emissions building plan (ZEB) to eliminate carbon pollution from new buildings before 2030. Because of this plan, new buildings produce 70% less carbon pollution than they did in 2007.  

Now, through the Climate Emergency Action Plan, we’re focusing our efforts on a plan to cut emissions in half by 2030 from large commercial buildings and detached houses.

Learn more about our goals for how we build and renovate

Steps to reducing emissions in your home

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