Featuring a low angle shot of a mass timber high-rise building

Mass timber buildings

Mass timber is integral to Vancouver's strategy to update building practices to be less carbon intensive through more environmentally friendly material choices.

Sustainably-sourced wood is a low-carbon building material that captures and stores carbon, reducing its presence in the atmosphere.

Mass timber construction

Mass timber is locally produced and a high-value natural material. It refers to the use of engineered, compressed layers of wood that are solid and provide structural load-bearing components like columns, beams, and panels in construction. 

Benefits of using mass timber

  • Generates lower carbon emissions compared to conventional construction practices
  • Potentially reduces embodied emissions in construction by 25 to 45%
  • Offers cost-effectiveness, safety, fire resistance, and seismic resilience
  • Makes it possible to build parts offsite because wood is lightweight, reducing installation time and costs
  • Creates local and regional job opportunities