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November 2022


  • Learn about the Zero Emissions Economic Transition Action Plan 
  • Share your input on the East Park design
  • Supports and funding for EV charging in rental buildings
  • New cargo bike resources for businesses
  • Check out local events and green opportunities

NOTEWORTHY: COP27 is underway in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. These ‘conferences of the parties’ are held every year, and are attended by the signatory countries to the 1992 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. COP27 is an opportunity for international collaboration and commitments to ensure past emission reduction targets, like the Paris Agreement, are met.

WHAT WE’RE READING: The UN Environment Programme recently released a new emissions gap report, The Closing Window – Climate crisis calls for rapid transformation of societies. The report finds that we are not on track to limit global warming to below 1.5°C, however this goal is not impossible. The window for action is closing, but system-wide transformation can still allow us to avert the worst impacts of the climate crisis.

Greenest City news


When Council approved the Climate Emergency Action Plan (CEAP) in 2020, they also directed Vancouver Economic Commission (VEC) to develop a complementary plan to support businesses and workers in Vancouver to make an equitable and profitable transition to net zero. This resulted in the Zero Emissions Economic Transition Action Plan (ZEETAP), released earlier this year, which focuses on advancing climate action and ensuring businesses and workers can benefit from, and be supported through, the transition to a fossil fuel-free economy.

ZEETAP supports CEAP’s target of cutting Vancouver’s carbon pollution in half by 2030, while integrating four economic goals:
1.    Maximizing the economic opportunities of climate action
2.    Minimizing the challenges and costs of taking climate action
3.    Accelerating voluntary action to address climate change
4.    Championing equity and justice in all aspects of climate action and economic development

Like CEAP, ZEETAP recognizes that while the climate emergency is a daunting challenge, it is also an opportunity to create a strong green economy in an equitable city that priorities health, safety and connected communities.


Learn more about ZEETAP here. VEC also offers programming and events that support businesses and workers in the transition to a resilient, inclusive, zero-carbon economy.


Greenest City news


A new park is coming to False Creek, a unique area where city and water meet. Once a place with a diverse ecosystem where Host Nations stewarded healthy relationships with land and water, the shoreline of False Creek was dramatically altered in the 1900s to support industry. The streams that once flowed into False Creek were filled-in as the city grew, burying thriving ecosystems and depleting healthy land and water.

In 2021, the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation assembled a stakeholder advisory group to support two-way communication between the project team, key stakeholder communities, and the broader public. Host First Nations have been invited to collaborate on the design of the new park and now, staff are gathering community values to help shape the future of East Park.

Together, we have an exciting opportunity to create a new kind of park that reinstates Indigenous values, and improves our resilience to sea level rise and climate change by supporting ecosystems and adaptation measures in False Creek. Adding greenspace to our urban areas can help reduce the urban heat island effect during hotter summers and heat events. 


We invite you to envision a new kind of park in Olympic Village that supports the renewal of the False Creek waterfront between Creekside Community Centre and Science World. We are seeking your feedback until December 8. 


Greenest City news


Convenient access to home charging can encourage more people to choose electric vehicles (EVs), but many multi-unit rental buildings were constructed before the introduction of our EV requirements for new buildings, and don’t have EV charging. To support Vancouver residents in the transition to zero emissions vehicles, the City now offers a retrofit program for existing rental buildings.

Owners or managers of rental buildings that meet the eligibility requirements can apply to have City-owned EV chargers installed. The City will cover up to $93,000 for the infrastructure, including the EV chargers, with a financial contribution of $2,000 required from the applicant. The program is offered in partnership with the BC Hydro Clean BC Go Electric rebate program.

In Vancouver, nearly 40% of our carbon pollution comes from burning gas and diesel in our vehicles. Ensuring that charging infrastructure is accessible to more people, regardless of where they live, is an important piece of equitable climate action.


Landlords and managers of rental buildings can review the eligibility requirements and apply for charger installation here. If you rent in a multi-unit residential building you can share this newsletter with your landlord. 


Greenest City news


Cargo bikes are a growing trend in Vancouver and across the globe - for good reason. They are efficient, cost-effective and provide a healthy way to deliver goods in the city. Cargo bikes produce less noise and air pollution, helping businesses cut their carbon pollution. Did you know that some models of cargo bikes can carry up to 250 kg – the same weight as a baby grand piano or a male lion? (We don't advise the latter in particular).

To help Vancouver businesses make the switch to sustainable, active transportation, the City created the Cargo Bike Toolkit for Businesses. It provides an overview of best practices, and information on how companies can adapt to delivering goods and services using cargo bikes. By 2030, a Climate Emergency Action Plan goal is that two thirds of all daily trips in Vancouver will be by active transportation and transit, and cargo bikes are a great opportunity for businesses to contribute to that target.


Interested in how a cargo bike might support your business operations, or a local business you support? Learn about the benefits, regulations and rebate opportunities by downloading the Cargo Bike Guide for Businesses.


Local green opportunities

When attending in-person events please follow COVID-19 health & safety precautions.

COP27 Live!
November 15
Join UBC students, staff and faculty on the ground at COP27 in conversation with CBC News climate journalist Lisa Johnson for an inside view of the negotiations, discussions and emotions of the conference.

Ecological and Cultural Resilience in a Changing World: Inuvialuit and Ts’msyen Perspectives
November 17
Attend this lecture as part of the SFU President’s Dream Colloquium to learn from Panikpak Letitia Pokiak and Spencer Greening (La’goot). 
Fletcher Challenge Canada Theatre

Kits Village Plastic Recycling Depot
November 17 and December 15
Drop off your clean, pre-sorted plastics at our free Kits Village recycling depot.
Kitsilano Community Centre

Everett Crowley Park Stewardship
November 19 and December 10
Join the Everett Crowley Park Committee for monthly stewardship events to help remove invasive plant species, rewild native shrubs, and to learn more about the history and ecology of the fifth largest park in Vancouver.
Champlain Heights Community Centre

Stanley Park EcoStewards
November 19 and December 3
Volunteer with the EcoStewards to help manage and remove invasive plant species from the park’s ecosystem. In addition to removing invasive species, you will also learn about local ecology and conservation issues.
Stanley Park

Future-proofing Vancouver: Food Security Independent of Food Surplus
November 23
Join the Vancouver Economic Commission for a panel discussion exploring the ways our food system currently diverts surplus food to address food insecurity, and longer term solutions that support a just circular economy of food.

Worn Out: Clothing, Consumption and Climate Change
November 25
Attend this lecture to learn about the environmental impacts of the clothing industry, the issues that drive overconsumption and how we can work together for collective change by shifting our relationship to the clothes we wear.

Shedding Light Talk Series: Watershed Management from Varying Perspectives
Dec 1
Attend a roundtable to hear non-profits, the City of Vancouver, and scientists share perspectives on how watershed planning and management can be integrated into urban planning. 
Collingwood Neighbourhood House Annex

Volunteering with the Bicycle Valet
The Bicycle Valet’s volunteer team provides informative resources and valet-style parking at events in and around Vancouver. Join the team to support Vancouver’s cycling community and get free entrance to events.
In person events, sign up online

Seasonal Farmer’s Markets
Riley Park and Hastings Park winter markets are now open. Visit the website to learn about local farmers, food producers and creators at each market and plan your visit. 

Streetwise Cycling Online
Any time
New to cycling? This free educational series from HUB helps adult beginner riders gain knowledge and skills to start their cycling journey at their own pace with confidence. 

SPEC Team Meetings
Want to connect with other like-minded individuals and share your knowledge on energy and transportation, food growing, or waste? Check the link for Society Promoting Environmental Conservation meet-up topics and meeting dates. 


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