Girl enters community garden in Vancouver, Greenest City

Lighter Footprint

Our goal: Achieve a "one-planet" ecological footprint

We all have a role to play in reducing our ecological footprint: the amount of resources we use to meet our community’s needs.

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Our target: Reduce Vancouver’s ecological footprint by 33% over 2006 levels

Progress we've made so far

Lighter Footprint Chart
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To learn more about this metric, see the 'How We Measure Success' section below.

2015-2020 priority actions

Short-term actions for achieving our goals for 2020.

Our 2015-2016 successes

Recent initiatives that bring us closer to reaching the Lighter Footpint goal.

Supported student and resident-led green initiatives

Engaged thousands in the next phase of Greenest City

Get more details about our successes: Read the implementation update for 2015-2016  (8 MB)

Our 2014-2015 successes

Initiatives that brought us closer to reaching the Lighter Footprint goal from 2014 to 2015.

Supported student and resident-led green initiatives

Supported the growing sharing economy

Get more details about our successes: Read the implementation update for 2014-2015  (2 MB)

How we measure success

The metrics for Lighter Footprint rely on annual counts of total number of people empowered within Vancouver.

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Initiatives that are helping us reach our goal and target

Vancouverites reduced waste and carbon pollution in 2016-2017

This morning we released the sixth Greenest City Action Plan Implementation Update, highlighting significant accomplishments made in the 2016/2017.

Green grants

The Greenest City Fund supports your projects that help achieve our Greenest City goals for Vancouver.