New park at 18th and Main

Landscaping and artwork at the new park at 18th and Main

The Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation has completed a new park at the corner of Main Street and 18th Avenue. The newly constructed park will act as a gateway to the mid-Main district and serve both the Riley Park and Mount Pleasant communities. Design elements in the park include:

  • The use of storm-water infiltration technologies
  • The maintenance of existing trees
  • The addition of new trees and shrubs 
  • The creation of a memorable aesthetic experience
  • Sod berms for relaxing and picnicking
  • Abundant tables and chairs for sitting and hanging out 

The park will also house a new public art piece designed by Gisele Amantea.

The design of the park embodies the principles that are cornerstones of Vancouver’s Greenest City initiatives.

The park is open

Construction of the park began on 4 September 2012 and is now complete.

Public consultation

Several open houses were held in the summer and fall of 2011 to discuss the proposed designs. The preferred design was presented at the November open house.

Public engagement

Review the preferred design information boards we showed at the November open house:

Project type

  • New park development

Project status

  • Complete 

Expected completion

  • Spring 2013 


  • $450,000

Aerial view of park area

Aerial view of the park location at 18th and Main St in Vancouver

Key dates

Date  Event 
19 July 2011  Open house 
17 September 2011  Open house presentation of three concepts
1 November 2011  Open house presentation of preferred design plan  
June 2013  Park completion 


The slip lane that previously existed on the western edge of the site has been removed to effectively increase the size of the future park and allow the park to become integrated into the public realm in front of the development at 3333 Main Street.

The Park Board is pleased with the success of the three public open houses. The insights provided through these public events informed the design process. Hapa Collaborative Landscape Architects have integrated the public's input to finalize the design and prepare construction drawings. The current preferred design approved by the Park Board in November 2011.

Hapa Collaborative are currently administering the construction of the park by Holland Landscape Contractors.

The anticipated completion of park construction is spring 2013.

Community participation

  • 19 July 2011 - Open house
  • 17 September 2011- Autumn Shift Festival, and open house to present three design concepts
  • 1 November 2011 - Open house to present preferred design plan

Contact the project manager

Joe McLeod
Landscape Architect

Phone: 604-257-8474