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Doing business with the City of Vancouver


Our thriving economy is part of what makes Vancouver one of the world's most liveable cities.

The City works to support Vancouver's economic development through all of its practices including sustainable business practices and ethical purchasing policies.

We support major industries to keep the economy flourishing, but prioritize support for independent businesses and local events.

Learn more about doing business with the City.

Economic development

Economic development

Learn about Vancouver initiatives to promote and strengthen local businesses, and make the city an attractive destination for businesses around the world.

Doing business with the City

Selling to and buying from the city

Learn about becoming a supplier to the City of Vancouver. Also, find information about equipment, cars, furniture and other assets that the City is selling.

Licenses and permits

Commercial licences and permits

Find information and applications for licences and permits including street entertainment permits, parking permits, wedding permits, and more.

Producing an event

Producing an event and making art

Find the information you need for producing an event and making art in the City of Vancouver.

Access services

Use our online tools to register for classes, pay bills, get permits, and more.

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