Short-term rentals

Are properties listed on Airbnb and similar websites legal in Vancouver? Not currently.

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A short-term rental (STR) is a home, or a room in a home, that is rented for less than 30 days at a time.

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Currently, short-term rentals are not allowed in Vancouver, except in hotels or bed-and-breakfasts (B&Bs) that are zoned and licensed.

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Basement suites, laneway homes, and investment properties can be rented long-term for periods of 30 days or more, with a residential rental property business licence.

We're proposing new rules to allow short-term rentals. Have your say at the October 24 public hearing before City Council decides.

Speak to City Council

City Council is holding a public hearing to hear from you and decide on the proposed regulations for short-term rentals.

Tuesday, October 24, 6:00pm
Council Chamber, Third Floor, City Hall, 453 West 12th Avenue 

Request to speak 

View the agenda and reports 
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What will be allowed

You can rent your principal residence short-term with a valid business licence.

This includes a basement suite or laneway home if:

  1. It's your principal residence
  2. It's a legal suite
  3. You have permission from the owner if you're a renter

What won't be allowed

You can't rent short-term a home that's not your principal residence, including:

  • Commercial and investment properties
  • Second homes

Also, you can't rent illegal suites.

What's a principal residence?

It's where you live most of the year, pay your bills, cook your meals, and receive government mail.

Why we’re changing the rules

Vancouver is facing a housing affordability crisis, rental vacancies are low, and short-term rental listings are growing rapidly. In April 2017, there were 5,927 short-term rentals listed on nine websites, up 10% since 2016. This large, unregulated market creates:

  • Health and safety risks to residents and tourists
  • Imbalance between hotels, long-term renters, and others with taxes and licencing fees

Allowing short-term rentals only in your primary residence with a business licence will:

  • Help protect existing long-term rental housing and potentially add new long-term rental housing to the market
  • Allow you to earn additional income
  • Provide short-term accommodation options

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Report concerns

For concerns about a suspected short-term rental unit, phone 3-1-1.

For isses with Airbnb listings, contact Airbnb.