Vehicles for hire

You need a Vehicles for Hire licence if you want to operate a vehicle that others hire to transport people or property in the City of Vancouver.

Find out the licence requirements and how to apply

Bike couriers
Bike couriers operate a self-propelled bicycle to transport goods. Find out how to get your bike courier licence and renew your bike courier plate.

Charter vehicles
Charter vehicles transport people between specified locations on a prearranged basis. Find out how to apply for a charter vehicle licence.

Driver instruction vehicles
Driver instruction vehicles are used to teach people how to drive. Find out how to apply for a driver instruction vehicle licence.

Horse-drawn carriages
Horse-drawn carriages transport people along fixed travel routes and are drawn by up to two horses. Find out how to apply for a horse-drawn carriage licence.

Limousines have specific features and transport people for special purposes on a prearranged basis. Find out how to apply for a limousine licence.

Pedicabs are self-propelled or motor-assisted three-wheeled vehicles that transport up to two people (plus the driver). Find out how to apply for a pedicab licence.

Rental vehicles
Rental vehicles (U-drive) are rented by the hour, day, week, or month, without a driver. Find out how to apply for a rental car licence.

Taxicabs transport people between locations, with a meter. Find out how to apply for a taxicab licence.

Tow trucks
Tow trucks transport other vehicles between locations. Find out how to apply for a tow truck licence.

Contact the Vehicles For Hire Inspector

Contact the inspector to:

  • Ask questions
  • Book an appointment for new applications and renewals

Phone: 604-873-7555

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