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Economic development


A thriving, diverse economy with opportunity for everyone is the foundation of a liveable city.

Council has undertaken a number of initiatives to promote and strengthen local business, provide the tools for Vancouver's businesses to flourish while incorporating sustainable practices, and make the city an attractive destination for businesses around the world.

Promote and improve your business

Business Improvement Areas (BIAs)

Find information on the City of Vancouver's Business Improvement Areas (BIAs) including a list of all BIAs with maps and contact information.

Doing business with the City

Selling to and buying from the city

Learn about becoming a supplier to the City of Vancouver. Also, find information about equipment, cars, furniture and other assets that the City is selling.

Be more competitive by going green

Sustainable programs for businesses

Learn about programs and incentives you can take advantage of to manage your greenhouse gas emissions, save money, and make your business operations more sustainable.

Get help strengthening your business

Vancouver Economic Commission

The Vancouver Economic Commission (VEC) strenghtens the city's economic future by attracting investment, supporting existing businesses, and making policy recommendations.

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Vancouver Economic Action Strategy

Download the Economic Action Strategy

Our strategy for a high-performing economy is to:

  • Create a healthy climate for growth and prosperity
  • Provide support for local business, new investment, and global trade
  • Focus on people┬áto attract and retain human capital

Read the strategy

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